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How Effective are Radar Speed Readers?

When it comes to road maintenance or construction projects near major roadways, safety is a major area of concern. Pedestrians, vehicle operators, and site personnel can all face an increased risk of safety incidents if a proper safety plan is not in place. At Valley Traffic Systems, we understand the importance of pedestrian and site safety. That is why we offer traffic management solutions and products like speed readers to optimize safety for all individuals. From cones and signs to lights and speed readers, the right equipment can make all the difference on a construction site. If you are wondering how effective radar speed readers are, our team has provided some important information on this subject.

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How do Radar Speed Readers Increase Safety?

Though they may appear to be a simple display, radar speed readers are a proven method of gathering data and increasing site safety. A highly visible radar speed reader has the following effects for any road maintenance or construction project site:

Increased Hazard Awareness

A strategically placed radar speed reader is a great way of alerting oncoming motorists to an upcoming change in lane conditions or speed limits. Their design ensures optimal visibility regardless of the time of day or weather, altering drivers to their current speed and allowing them to slow down if needed. Placing a radar speed reader at a suitable distance before a project site is a great way to put drivers in a more alert mindset. This will increase the chance of them noticing other signs and indicators of an upcoming project.

Reduced Driving Speeds

Studies have proven that slower traffic will greatly reduce the chances of a fatal accident involving a motorist and pedestrian, or motorist and site worker. Despite these statistics, many wonder if radar speed readers truly reduce the speeds of passing vehicles. Data collected by these devices shows that motorists do slow down up to 80% of the time and comply with the posted speed limit up to 50% more. These reduced speeds drastically reduce the risk of an accident by allowing for more response time in the event of a hazard on the road.

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