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What is a Crash Attenuator?

Equipment Rental | September 10, 2020

One of the most important elements in road safety and the prevention of accidents on the highway is a crash attenuator. If you are unsure what a crash attenuator is...

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Where to Rent Traffic Control Signs

Equipment Rental | August 27, 2020

If you have a large upcoming construction project that involves roadwork or interferes with the flow of traffic around the construction site, knowing where to rent traffic control signs will...

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Why are Traffic Signs Important?

Traffic Management | August 13, 2020

Traffic signs are an essential part of keeping drivers and pedestrians safe on the road, as they are designed to provide necessary information and warning of potential dangers. If you...

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Types of Traffic Control Equipment

Traffic control equipment is an essential part of preventing collisions and traffic backups around construction sites and large events. The different types of traffic control equipment can range from the...

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What is Road Traffic Management?

Traffic Management | July 9, 2020

In order to better understand how construction zones on roadways work, you will first need to understand what road traffic management is. At Valley Traffic Systems, we understand the vital...

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Do Flaggers Need to be Certified?

Flagging | June 25, 2020

Since construction flagging is an integral part of ensuring the safety of workers and drivers on a construction site, all flaggers need to be certified and must complete the traffic...

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Types of Traffic Control Signs

Traffic Management | June 4, 2020

In BC, there a wide variety of different types of traffic control signs that help provide drivers with direction, information, and rules to follow. At Valley Traffic Systems, we know...

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Why is Traffic Management Important?

Traffic Management | May 28, 2020

At Valley Traffic Systems, we understand why traffic management is important for ensuring successful and efficient road construction projects. That is why we offer a range of traffic management services,...

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Tips for Hiring the Right Traffic Management Company

Traffic Management | May 21, 2020

Getting to know some simple tips for hiring the right traffic management company will help save you time and will prevent you from feeling frustrated in the long run. At...

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What is Flagging in Construction?

Flagging | April 28, 2020

Understanding what flagging is in construction will provide you with a better idea of how construction sites on roadways operate. At Valley Traffic Systems, we understand the important role a...

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