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Things to Consider When Shopping for Traffic Signs

When it comes to traffic management, signs are one of the most effective methods of maintaining safety on a project site. A well-placed sign can effectively inform motorists and pedestrians of changing road conditions or direct them on how to move around a project site. To ensure that you are choosing the right signs for your project, there are many things to consider when shopping for traffic signs. As leading providers of traffic equipment sign rentals and other traffic management solutions, Valley Traffic Systems understands that no two project sites are alike. That is why we have compiled a list of key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for traffic signs.

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Key Considerations When Choosing Traffic Signs

In addition to all relevant standards and laws, there are several aspects to consider when choosing traffic signs for your project:

Sign Size & Reflectiveness

The same sign can be available in a variety of different sizes and with varying levels of reflectiveness. For example, a stop sign can be anywhere from 18” to 48” in diameter with options for 3 different “grades” of reflectiveness. These grades are engineer, high intensity, and diamond, progressing from cheapest to more expensive. Engineer is the lowest grade of reflectiveness, high intensity is the mid-tier option, and diamond is the most reflective grade. Though size and reflectiveness are customizable, sign colour and font cannot be changed as these are set by relevant standards.

Sign Location & Environment

Before choosing a sign, consider where it will be placed on your project site. The location of a sign will greatly impact how large and reflective it should be. In addition to location, it is important to consider the terrain and typical weather conditions of the project site as this will affect what sign base is suitable. For example, a standard sign base may not be suitable for extremely muddy or windy conditions, so it may make more sense to choose a larger option.

Selecting the Right Vendor

Project site requirements can change on a daily basis. To ensure that you always have the traffic management support you need, you must choose the right vendor. A great vendor should be able to provide you with additional signs, barricades, and other solutions as soon as possible should they be required. To ensure that you always have all the equipment and personnel you need to manage traffic safely, look no further than the team at Valley Traffic Systems. With experience in all types of projects, we will work with you to provide complete solutions for your traffic control needs.

To learn more about our selection of traffic signs and traffic management solutions, get in touch with the Valley Traffic Systems team. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to assist you.

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