• Valley Traffic Systems is your complete source for sign stands sales and rentals. We carry spring loaded sign stands suitable for the highway, as well as the smaller tripod style for regular 75x75 signage, barrier mount, and collapsible tripods.

    Spring loaded sign stands are used for the highway, and all sizes of signs commonly referred to as Windmasters. Barrier mount sign stands are for use on CMB and CRB concrete with no post.

    Our tripod sign stands come in two versions, one where all legs collapse towards the middle, and another where the back leg kicks out as the support mechanism.

    Whether you require rentals or sales, our sales department can ensure all of your traffic needs are met. Contact us today at sales@valleytraffic.ca

    Valley Traffic Systems has the following sign stands available:

    • Spring loaded sign stands
    • Tripod style sign stands
    • Barrier mount sign stands   
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